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HyperSend advanced server technology from Hilgraeve, Inc. can be integrated easily with any web site to offer secure Internet delivery.

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When you need to send important communications quickly and reliably, overnight packages, faxes, and email just aren't good enough. You need HyperSend!

Email bounces from mail server to mail server, where it can be intercepted, copied, or delayed. What's more, many mail servers discard attachments over a certain size.
HyperSend sends your deliveries directly to recipients through a secure data channel. Deliveries never rest on mail servers and are fully encrypted to protect your privacy.

HyperSend secure Internet delivery lets you bypass the limitations of email and avoid the cost and turnaround of overnight packages. Now you can exchange critical correspondence - confidential messages, documents, or files of any kind or size - quickly, securely and reliably with anyone in the world, using just your web browser!

HyperSend secure Internet delivery is:

  • Secure - Ensures the privacy of your communications
  • Reliable - Your deliveries always come through intact
  • Trackable - You know exactly when your deliveries are received
  • Fast - Bypasses the clutter of email to deliver information quickly
Compare HyperSend to regular methods:

  HyperSend Overnight Packages Fax Internet Email
Ensures privacy      
Provides reliable delivery    
Provides proof of delivery  
Offers Easy, convenient electronic delivery    
Compresses data to speed up deliveries      
Resumes interrupted deliveries where they left off      
Schedules the date & time of deliveries      
Automates the distribution and collection of deliveries      

HyperSend is Easy
All you need is a Windows PC, an Internet connection, and a web browser. To send, receive and track your deliveries, you simply use web pages on the HyperSend site. HyperSend is as easy as email. You just enter an address, type a message, select the document or file you want to send, and click Send.

Protect Your Information
Exchanging critical information via Internet email is notoriously risky. Email transmission methods allow messages to be intercepted or faked, and copies of your messages may remain on various servers along the way. HyperSend avoids these risks. HyperSend establishes a secure data channel all the way from your PC to the recipient's PC using the same robust security measures (SSL) that protect Internet financial transactions. For even higher security, you can have HyperSend seal your information in an Encrypted Envelope that only the recipient can open.

Track Your Deliveries
Internet email is an open loop process: You know you sent a message, but you can't be sure when or whether the recipient has received it. HyperSend closes the loop! You can track every delivery and know exactly when the recipient has received it.

Send Documents or Files of Any Size
Email is a slow and unreliable way to exchange large files. Large email attachments can take a long time to transfer. They delay your other email and can force modem users to remain connected to the Internet longer than they want. Worst of all, some mail servers discard attachments over a certain size! HyperSend is the perfect remedy. It speeds up delivery by compressing files while sending and decompressing while receiving. It automatically resumes interrupted deliveries where they left off, so modem users disconnect and reconnect at will. Files always come through intact.

Schedule and Automate Your Deliveries
HyperSend supports powerful easy-to-use options for automating deliveries to individuals, multiple recipients and predefined groups. You can schedule deliveries to occur at the times and dates you specify, or schedule routine deliveries to repeat daily, weekly, or on certain days of the month. HyperSend can also deliver files automatically that you (or any application) copy into the HyperSend Outbox on your PC. See Applications to learn how your organization can use HyperSend to set up fully automated workflow processes that save your company time and money.

Start Using HyperSend Today!
HyperSend is as easy as email, and requires no special hardware, system software, or setup procedures. There's no learning curve and no training necessary. It takes less than 3 minutes to sign up and begin sending secure deliveries to anyone in the world. If your recipients have not signed up, HyperSend will automatically send them an email message that lets them sign up instantly to receive your secure delivery. Sign up for your free account today!

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