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HyperSend advanced server technology from Hilgraeve, Inc. can be integrated easily with any web site to offer secure Internet delivery.

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How Secure is HyperSend?


HyperSend is an easy-to-use web based service that bypasses the vulnerabilities of email to deliver your important messages, documents or files of any size reliably and securely. It lets you exchange important correspondence with anyone in the world quickly and conveniently using just your web browser, through secure data channels that ensure the privacy and authenticity of your communications.

Tames the Wild and Wooly Internet
Covisint has leveraged its knowledge of enterprise security needs, together with industry-standard security technology, to create an entirely web-based solution that enables businesses and individuals to exchange information safely and securely through the Internet, beyond the safe bastions of firewalls and corporate networks.

HyperSend sends your deliveries through a secure, encrypted data channel.

An Overview of the Process
Every time you send a delivery, HyperSend establishes a secure, reliable, controlled data channel through the Internet that allows the delivery to be tracked all the way to the intended recipient. HyperSend in essence creates a virtual private network for the duration of the delivery, which prevents your correspondence from being intercepted and deciphered by other parties. For greater security, you can seal the delivery in an Encrypted Envelope that only the intended recipient can open.

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