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HyperSend advanced server technology from Hilgraeve, Inc. can be integrated easily with any web site to offer secure Internet delivery.

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You may sign up and receive deliveries free of charge. To send, you may purchase additional capacity or a convenient individual or group account with a credit card at any time. To explore these options without obligation, click the button below.

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This web site provides valuable services to the public, and gives our corporate customers an easy way to evaluate basic HyperSend capabilities. But HyperSend consists of much more than the set of services you see on this site. HyperSend is a flexible secure messaging and workflow automation platform - a comprehensive line of software, tools, and services designed to meet the needs of enterprise customers.

HyperSend gives you the power to leverage the Internet to reduce costs and accelerate business processes with hands-free automation, easy integration, and a startling array of hosting options. To see why so many organizations are excited about this technology, click on the links below.

Automation and Integration Tools

This site demonstrates clearly the ability to exchange sensitive information securely through a manual, interactive process on web pages, similar to using email. What eludes most users is that the HyperSend thin-client architecture was designed to allow automated transfers of data - transfers to take place in the background without displaying any web pages. Its ability to automate these data exchanges delivers tremendous value by cutting labor costs and accelerating business processes.

The HyperSend Automation Tool Kit available from Covisint is a key component in the HyperSend workflow automation platform. The Tool Kit includes easy-to-use APIs and a powerful XML-RPC interface. With it you can automate any HyperSend data transfer, or tie secure data transfer processes directly with applications in your data center or on remote desktops - a remarkable drop-in solution that integrates easily with existing business processes.

HyperSend acts as a secure conduit for data of any kind or size - more secure and reliable than email or FTP, easier and less expensive than EDI, VPNs, WANs, and PKI. Contact Covisint today to learn how your organization can tackle tough automation applications quickly, securely, and reliably:
  • Automatically deliver and print documents on remote computers
  • Collect data from remote computers - even unattended computers
  • Couple automated sending/receiving processes with legacy applications
  • Verify that recipients have taken desired actions upon receiving data
  • Automatically pass incoming data to the proper applications and processes

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