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HyperSend advanced server technology from Hilgraeve, Inc. can be integrated easily with any web site to offer secure Internet delivery.

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The Internet poses a tremendous opportunity and serious threat to businesses and professionals in every field: Those who are first to cut costs and improve their services through the speed, economy, and global reach of Internet communications can gain a big competitive edge.

While business and personal use of email is growing exponentially, email has serious deficiencies. It is not secure enough for delivery of confidential documents and files, cannot ensure that information is delivered in a timely manner, and provides no way to track critical business communications. HyperSend bypasses the shortcomings of email to let businesses and professionals in every field exchange important correspondence, documents, or files of any size quickly, securely and reliably. Examples include:

  • Healthcare professionals, labs, clinics and billing services
  • Human resource departments, recruiting services or placement agencies
  • Engineering firms, manufacturers or design services
  • Financial institutions, insurance companies or investor relations departments
  • Sales organizations or franchises
  • Real estate agencies, title companies and lending institutions
  • Law firms and corporate legal departments
  • Advertising agencies, photographic services, publishers and printers

Applications for Individuals
HyperSend is as easy as email. Individuals engaged in the fields above, or any field, can sign up in less than 3 minutes and deliver important business correspondence to anyone in the world - other individuals, multiple recipients, or predefined groups. If the recipients have not yet signed up for HyperSend, they receive an email message that lets them sign up instantly to receive the secure delivery.

Applications for Organizations
HyperSend supports powerful, easy-to-use options and group purchase plans that make it an ideal solution for adoption by businesses. Businesses can use HyperSend to:

  • Set up automatic distribution of documents or files of any kind (statements, newsletters, sales data, etc.) to groups of any size.
  • Collect data from remote sites or field sales forces automatically.
  • Obtain convenient and economical group plans for the secure exchange of information with clients, business partners, or among employees

Organizations can even add HyperSend secure delivery services to their own web sites, to serve their visitors' needs, build traffic, or reap profits from secure delivery.

If your business would like to explore a potential application for HyperSend, call weekdays Hours: 8:00AM - 5:00PM EST Monday - Friday, send email to sales_info@covisint.com, or use HyperSend to send a message to sales_info@covisint.com.

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