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HyperSend advanced server technology from Hilgraeve, Inc. can be integrated easily with any web site to offer secure Internet delivery.

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Welcome to HyperSend

HyperSend is the fastest, most reliable way to send messages, documents, or files of any size securely. HyperSend is more reliable and trackable than email, and much faster than overnight packages.

You can use HyperSend to easily exchange files with business associates, customers and vendors without the file size limits of email, or the complexity of FTP. All HyperSend deliveries are secured with the same level of security that protects Internet financial transactions.

Delivering files with HyperSend is as easy as sending an email message. Files can be automatically compressed before sending to shorten transfer time, and are sent through an encrypted stream to the HyperSend servers. All HyperSend deliveries have a tracking number, and you can see exactly when your recipients picked up the files.

Effective December 31, 2016, Covisint will be shutting down all HyperSend services.
HyperSend services will not be available on January 1, 2017.

Please take immediate action to find and activate an alternate solution.
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